I have begun again to follow my path and emerge into the NOW time. WE are merging with the new vibrations that allow the transmutation of the old story to assist in co-creating the NEW EARTH. Everything feels different. All our tools although present are upgraded within us and used from a different place.

The journey each of us has been undergoing is about the Freedom and Joy. The opportunities that are challenging are presented to all to allow the older vibrations to release so our crystalline DNA can emerge to fully assist us in Fifth Dimension.

Remember everyone is already WHOLE, ONE, SOVEREIGN, and CO-CREATING. Each one is changing in living with their Soul Agreement. In our compassionate heart, we are able to BE, to move gently into awareness and become Sacred Observer as all go through this newness.

Margaret Claire (Peggy)

The Tones that Set You Free

My Journey as a, Master Teacher, Channeler, Messenger Guide, has been a conduit for co-creation using my voice through Vibrational Heart Toning to lovingly support whoever is Awakening to expansion. With you, I uniquely co-create a loving space for increased self-realization through Toning, Light Language and Channeling the Love and Guidance of The Divine Mothers.

Vibrational Heart Toning

Vibrational Heart Toning is the TONE that Sets Us Free. When we use our voice, our unique vibration, connects us with the OverSoul Essence and the Harmonics for freedom, self-realization, empowerment, and remembrance.

Light Language

Light Language is an ancient Universal language that Unites All, part of our birthright. Our Voice forms remembered vibrations of sounds that lovingly resonate within us from planets, multi-universes, and other unremembered experiences so communication is expanded.

Life Guidance

The purpose of Life Guidance is to expand an individual’s journey, to support gentle growth that may be challenging, while experiencing techniques to quiet the mind, release old beliefs and to create supportive new patterns for daily life.

Private & Group Sessions

Come experience in loving expansion the Messages of The Mothers who support each one. Combining the Vibrational Heart Tones of my voice with your guides, a Trinity of energies is formed bringing clarity of expansion.