My Journey as a, Master Teacher, Channeler, Messenger Guide, has been a conduit for co-creation using my voice to lovingly engage with whoever is vibrationally called to the experience of expansion. With you, I uniquely co-create our work on the activation of increased self-realization through Vibrational Heart Toning and expressing the Love and Guidance of The Divine Mothers.

My purpose is to be a messenger, a conduit for all those who are called by our vibrational alignment. My 30-year journey has evolved to bring me to this Now time as a human expanding into Divine Embodiment, the merging of mind, spirit, and body.

Operating from my Compassionate Heart during this Ascension time, I provide a loving and safe container that we actively co-create during our sessions and beyond. The increasing energy combination allows us to attain the needed clarity to further your unique experience of Remembrance.

After several years of transitions in my personal life, I began searching for a new modality to enhance my experiences as a Registered Nurse. My journey includes  also becoming a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Reiki Master and a Certified Holistic Nurse.

In a complex voyage, I was guided to my channeling teacher in the early ‘90s.  After my initial resistance, I began on a very expansive and life-changing path. Our Sacred Ascension Group, continued our meetings for almost 27 years.

On meeting my Teacher, Diane, I realized I was able to channel immediately and I experienced a deep peace and sense of coming home. I felt the strong connection of The Mothers – a loving presence that enveloped me beyond description. The Mothers, Light Beings of the Divine Feminine, are always with me to be conduits for channeling. I also work with All the Beings of Light from the Multi-Universes.

A few years after my initial awakening, I started to connect using my voice to create Tones. Vibrational Heart Toning uses the voice to expand the vibrational alignment of Oneness in Divine alignment with Creator. I experience God as all-encompassing vibrations, an expanding column of sound. Each being’s voice produces their unique signature vibration, like a fingerprint, that joins to the inner knowing of being loved.

With Vibrational Heart Toning, the sounds of the voice, the heart and mind join together. Each one connects to the channel that is our OverSoul Vibration for freedom and expansion. The benefit of toning is that toning quiets the mind and allows our heart to guide. Our journey, at this time in Remembrance, is to trust and experience this assistance NOW.

Toning, Light Language and Channeling are powerful tools which have assisted me to move through these times of heart opening changes. I meet many challenges by Being in the Now, using  tools like Toning to embrace the emotions, while merging  into remembrance of Wholeness, and the decision to choose trust, faith, and love. My intention is to co-create and receive whatever is for the greatest good for  myself and all. These experiences provide practical tools for daily living to bring into being, self-empowered awareness, peace, joy, and love.

The sustainable Vibrational Heart Toning provides a sacred container of love for self-empowerment and remembrance for each one’s path. Together, our energies co-create another aspect with the Divine. Your own Guides combine with my Guides, to be the unique Co-Creation Vibration in that moment. This guidance assists in your expansion story of Ascension. My experiences continue to evolve in trust, so that I am an expression of  Source’s Unconditional Love as Channel, Toner, Light Language and Messenger Guide for Awakened Remembrance.

I welcome the opportunity to bring Vibrational Heart Toning and Messages of The Mothers to you, your groups and organizations. 

Together we contribute to make our World a place for all Beings to experience love with ease, grace and beneficial abundance.