Yes, We Gather - April 21st, 2024

We all hold our own answers as we open to the next aspect of living each day. During this time of Awakening, each one on the planet already said “YES” to BE present here on Earth. We are having experiences we choose for our soul path of releasing the old beliefs, judgements and stories of separation. We can no longer play small, pretend or hide our purpose, we must claim our Sovereignty and Power in balance. Do you realize that in your power you are sustaining the highest vibration for change? Are you aware of claiming your Power, in the NOW moment, the uncertainty? What is the vibration when you choose the decision for Joy, Faith, Trust and Peace as we live in our changing physicality?

Your awareness that all of us are sustaining the outreaching Fifth Dimensional waves of healing Peace by Being in the NOW moment. That we have already said YES! We claim our Sovereignty and Power, our Tone that sets us Free.

      • Date: April 21st, 2024 1-4 pm
      • Location: West Chester, PA
      • Cost: $33 Energy Exchange
      • Details will be sent with registration
Thursday Zoom Group

Monthly Group Zoom Session on Thursday

The Mothers and Margaret Claire are recommencing their sessions for once per month.

A virtual meeting to heal community and renewal of one another’s spirit!

Toning and Channeled Messages of the Mother

Please know that All are welcome to our CommUNITY! Come join me & friends for a monthly exchange with The Mothers and our messages that help guide us through these times. The session is every 3rd Thursday  of the month and starts at 11 AM to 12 PM EST, with time extended for a few individual messages. There is an energetic exchange of $20 per session. Zoom information will be sent upon receipt of exchange.  If you are not on our email list please submit it below.


CommUnity Unity

We Are CommUnity / We Are Unity
October 2, 2021

Local and on Zoom

Freedom to remember our Wholeness can reveal the Unity that awaits us all. This time we are in our awareness is purposefully revealing the situations in our lives that no longer work based on the old beliefs. We experience restrictive areas that open opportunities to choose, release and have freedom. 

How are we to transform our view of what is occurring in our daily life, so we choose to be a Community within Peace? Many situations bring fear (false evidence appearing real) and we have an opportunity to decide to see the Wholeness in ourselves and others rather than the separation and judgements.

We are asking CommUnity to experience being Whole as part of our journey as human beings. Come participate in a live VIBRATIONAL HEART TONING, channeled message from The Mothers and group meditation to claim our truth in Wholeness. We are shifting from duality to expand in vibrational Wholeness of I Am.

Each of us is experiencing many areas that can feel and look upsetting. Change is present on a constant basis and discovering what is important, our truth, morphs constantly. Our experience and evaluation go from immediate reaction of events, to considered response. Our filters are changing, our questions become more conscious. What is my journey or someone else’s journey?

Now is a time to become aware of how we integrate into the physical incorporation of the New Divine Human. We can embrace that we are already Whole Beings.

We are given a unique harmony connected to our Soul Journey and Vibration. This allows each one to shift out of old stuck views. As situations occur, ask yourself: what happens in my life to assist my move into the New Divine Human?

WE are building the New Earth based on activation of the New DNA Crystalline energy vibration awakened as our Wholeness.  

Come join Community to resonate in Vibrational Heart Toning to move out of the stuck mind, trauma from this life and all past lives. We are developing daily new attunements, wave lengths of new understanding and a merging of our unique tones to expand the flow of our journey. OUR deep connection of cellular knowing is expanding our sense of the unique Being each one is contributing in the Whole. 

We will create ceremony together and remember we are ONE, WHOLE, UNIFIED BEING OF LIGHT joined together to support the journey of each Soul.

You Are the 88 Portal For The Infinity Of Awakening

Lionsgate Portal of 88 is an ancient alignment of the Blue Star Sirius, feeding our spiritual home, The Sun in Leo, feeding our physical being and The Earth, benefitting from the opening of both. The number 8 is identified as meaning INFINITY, a double 88 creates a portal for unlimited possibility increasing energies to assist ALL.

This portal awakens in our journey a wave of co-creative energies now able to merge with us. Our vibration has the potential to move in waves of expanding creativity, access to new spiritual awakenings, abundance, releasing old stories for freedom, peace, DNA encoding in crystalline nature, further awakening of the Third Eye, higher realms of Charkas, power with, and on and on.

This hybrid event becomes the opening for the infinity aspect of ourselves as we rebirth into knowing our wholeness. As we come through many challenges that provide the opening for growth, we come together raising the collective vibration to support one another. A sacred gathering whose intention is for raising the Collective Energy of All to form CommUNITY. Acknowledging the unique Divine journey of each one.

The purpose for the challenges in our lives is to release the old story and co-create with our inner LION to know who we already are. The Winged Lions are the Dragons that return to assist. We claim our Sovereignty with power and sacred purpose, co-creating our freedom.

Margaret Claire channels The Mothers and guides us with Vibrational Heart Toning & Light Language. A Grid of Crystal Skulls and Andaran Crystals will be setup in a grid to assist with the portal and transmissions we will participate in. Please bring your sacred objects to join in this ceremonial celebration.