Light Language is an ancient Universal language that Unites All, part of our birthright. Our Voice forms remembered vibrations of sounds that lovingly resonate within us from planets, multi-universes, and other unremembered experiences.

By using Light Language, we become part of the harmonics of our Universe. Light Language is often referred to as “Speaking in Tongues”. Each one of us has access to this language as a part of our birthright. Hearing Light Language begins a process of deeper remembrance. By experiencing the vibration as remembrance, we forego the need for translation or understanding. To hear Light Language it opens inner connections that assist in our expansion. Often the experience is one of realization that the vibration seems familiar, like home. There is no right or wrong, rather allowing.

Through Vibrational Heart Toning and Light Language, we are accompanied on the journey by our guides moving into quantum levels of remembrance and co-creation in the NOW. The coming together of your energy Guides with my Guides, The Mothers and others, form a third element. A Trinity of Quantum Consciousness is revealed in the message delivered. A gateway, a vortex, a knowledge into remembrance continues to accompany your personal journey of development in your daily life.

By using your voice, your vibration keeps expanding, clarifying and manifesting access to the guidance of your Higher Self. 

In this vibrational expansion, I am your assistant and messenger. 

Call upon me for guidance.